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Drive your street car or racecar on track

The event is open to drivers of street cars and racecars alike. We have several groups on track throughout the day allowing spectators the opportunity to see a variety of vehicles.
  • Novice DE- street car lapping group designed for drivers new to track days (Green, 0-3 track days)
  • Intermediate DE- street car lapping group designed for drivers new to MSR Houston, but with prior experience (Blue or some Yellow, 4-8 track days)
  • Advanced DE- street car lapping group designed for drivers with lots of prior track day experience (some Yellow and Red, 8+ track days)
  • Challenge Cars- racecar group for Spec Racer Fords and Spec Miatas
  • Australian- Pursuit Time Trial- racecar group for closed-wheel cars of all kinds

Online registration is now open for the August 2, 2014 event. The cost for this event is $150 and a Lego set for LEGOS BUILD HOPE to be donated to MD Anderson Children's Hospital.

All drivers are REQUIRED to have a self-tech on file for each year. You can download it here.

Tentative Schedule

7:00 AM Facility Gate Opens
7:05 AM Registration Opens
7:45 AM Advanced DE & Instructors Meeting
8:00 AM Novice & Intermediate DE Meeting
8:00 AM Advanced DE
8:25 AM Challenge Practice
8:50 AM Intermediate DE
9:15 AM TT Practice
9:40 AM Novice DE
10:05 AM Challenge Qualifying
10:30 AM Advanced DE
10:55 AM TT Qualifying
11:20 AM Intermediate DE
11:45 AM Lunch Break
12:45 PM Novice DE
1:10 PM Challenge Race 1
1:40 PM Advanced DE
2:05 PM TT Race 1
2:35 PM Intermediate DE
3:00 PM Challenge Race 2
3:30 PM Novice DE
3:50 PM TT Race 2
4:10 PM Advanced DE
4:30 PM Awards Ceremony
4:35 PM Intermediate DE
5:00 PM Novice DE
5:25 PM Track Closed
6:00 PM Facility Gate Closes